Sortons l’Agriculture du Salon: 6 Minutes to learn about the issues

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Agriculture is being shaken by numerous crises and the anxious feelings of farmers are real. A model has existed, but how can the contours of what’s next be defined? It is in this context where the agricultural exception is so important to Michel Serres and the numerous other figures who participated in this 6-minute video aimed at helping you understand the issues behind ‘Sortons l’Agriculture du Salon’, which was held in Paris at Carreau du Temple.

This day-long gathering was underscored by Olivier De Schutter, the former special rapporteur on the right to food who came especially for the occasion, when he stated that “[the day's events] come to reinforce the idea of a movement, which is beginning to emerge in various European countries, for a different form of agriculture and food. It is thus important to recognize the services that agriculture renders to territories.” Fully intended for the general public, this event placed citizens at the center of the movement–since by eating, we all make political choices. This is a message that should be spread far and wide.

Sortons l’Agriculture du Salon – February 25, 2017 from Alimentation Générale on Vimeo.