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Monsanto, living proof on Argentina’s land

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Juan Ignacio Pereyra is an Argentine lawyer, specializing in environmental law. He participated in the Tribunal Monsanto which was held in The Hague (The Netherlands) in October 2017. It was a symbolic and historic trial that concluded that Monsanto violates fundamental human rights.

For Juan Ignacio Pereyra, the moment when German chemical company Bayer bought Monsanto, organizing this trial became a “vital necessity” for alerting citizens and politicians to the effects of the abusive use of pesticides.

Condemning eco-cide

The Tribunal Monsanto set as its objective proving violations to human rights, using scientific studies as supporting materials. The experts hoped to also see the emergence of a new legislation that would make it possible to criminally condemn the heads of these multinationals. With the Tribunal Monsanto, the idea of eco-cide — the destruction of the ecosystem — has come to light. It is a new legal tool that could serve to condemn incriminated multinationals..

This is our interview with Juan Ignacio Pereyra.

Juan Ignacio Pereyra came to share his experience at the Nantes Food  Forum. Check out our interview with him. (Video in French)