Animal well-being in question

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Although having stopped eating meat for more than 30 years, Florence Burgat is healthy! Philosopher and director of research at the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), she will be one of our guests at the Nantes Food Forum where she will speak to us about animal well-being.

Our conversation started on a rather funny note when we talked about one of the Nantes Food Forum’s other invited guests. Well-known among researchers, Mark Post is coming to present his in vitro meat. “I found a name for his product: fresh meat!,” she joked. It’s clear, you can be a researcher, a vegetarian recently turned vegan, and still have a sense of humor! Like everyone else, Florence Burgat has entered into the new media sensation of animal well-being. She explains to us, on the Nantes Food Forum website, how she sees things.

Come and listen to Florence Burgat as she participates in a debate at the Nantes Food Forum on June 3rd.