Marion and Nicolas: The taste for hydroponics

Marion and Nicolas felt a little confined in their life of commute-work-sleep in Buenos Aires, crammed into a two-bedroom apartment without a garden. So they decided to grow lettuce on their balcony, without soil. Thus was the start of their adventure in hydroponics. (Article in French)Read more →

dominique royet

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Max Havelaar: One step ahead

Dominique Royet is, since February 2015, the new general director of Max Havelaar France. This convinced alternative consumer explained to us why the label Max Havelaar is one step ahead in terms of innovation.Read more →



Noël Mamère supports Un Plus Bio

Noël Mamère explained to us why policies are missing from major debates about food and the reasons to support the organization Un Plus Bio, a huge network engaged in collective organic food services. (Article in French)Read more →



In the kingdom of the organic, the Danish are kings

At SIAL 2016, all forms of organic could be found. Often, it was merely for greenwashing, serving as the last rites for engineers in marketing products whose target audience of “bobos” was pretty obvious. Except for the Danish, who came promoting organic as an essential part of their political discourse.Read more →