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Urban agriculture

Episode 2: Nature + Culture + Food

The Parti Poétique: Urban agri-cultures in Saint-Denis

At the end of 2016, René Kersanté retired, putting down his hoe and pitchfork and leaving his four hectares of land to lie fallow. After a call for projects by the city of Saint-Denis, the Parti Poétique and the Ferme de Gally have been selected to take the relay. (Article in French)Read more →

Quand l'abattage vient à la ferme

3 minutes with

When the slaughter comes to the farm

Opacity, lack of traceability, animal suffering…. Industrial slaughtering does not inspire the confidence of local farmers. Concerned about the welfare of their animals, some are slaughtering directly at their farms, even though it’s prohibited by the law. So what is there to do? Here are three minutes with Jocelyne Porcher, in which she explains to us the situation.Read more →

Michel Serres explique l'exception agricole

Major Interview

The agricultural exception

Michel Serres, “Eating is a political and sacred act”

Michel Serres participated, last Saturday, in the first edition of Sortons L’Agriculture du Salon. In the film produced for the event, the philosopher argues for an agricultural and ecological exception, as that which has already been done in the field of culture. Here are seven minutes to better understand the agricultural exception.Read more →

A Saint Denis, un champ de salade de René Kersanté

Urban agriculture

Episode 1 : Dernier maraîcher aux portes de Paris

René Kersanté, the art of growing lettuce at the town’s edge

It was in 1920 when the grandmother of René Kersanté moved to the town’s limits between Saint-Denis, Stains, and Pierrefitte. She had a little parcel of land, a little house, and little comfort. The house has remained modest, the comfort without luxury, but the rashes, lettuces, and spinach have quickly come to occupy, on a full-time basis, the 3.7 hectares held by the City of Saint-Denis. (Article in French)Read more →