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Beyond the kebab

Breaking the stereotype of greasy and rustic food, Turkish chefs are attempting to polish the image of their national gastronomy to show the world what Turkish restaurants have to offer. (Article in French)Read more →


An eye on the world

Tofu power

The small village of Kalisari, located in the heart of the tofu specializing region of Java, Indonesia, has converted itself into a circular economy. Today, through its activity of bean curd production, residents are now producing “green” electricity.Read more →

Bière solera

An eye on the world

Waiter, a beer please!

Falling oil prices has had surprising effects in Venezuela. Caracas no long has the means to import certain raw materials, like barley. Result: in this country who is the greatest consumer of beer in South America, beer has become a rare beverage. (Article in French)Read more →