Fumio Suzuki


A fisherman in Fukushima

Satoshi Nakano is a fisherman. But in the last few years, the fish that he catches in his nets no longer have the same taste. His life revolved otherwise around his boat before March 11, 2011, before the Fukushima nuclear disaster. (Article in French)Read more →



Laurent Lemal “Bocuse d’Or”: Audacity rewarded

Celery ice cream, coffee gnocchi, eel smoked with violets: by awarding the Michelin starred chef Laurent Lemal, of La Coopérative in Bélesta (Pyrénées-Orientales), the Bocuse d’Or has recognized the audacity of a cuisine “without limits.” (Article in French)Read more →



"Terrenales 2015" (2/4)

Julien Frémont, generation AEI

During this current agricultural crisis, there are some producers who are not protesting. They are the members of an ecological agriculture movement, which today is called Sustainable Intensive Agriculture (AEI). Julien Frémont, a producer from Loire-Atlantique, is one of them. (Article in French)Read more →



FeGH, Our lady of fat

Today, we have a meeting with Frédérick e. Grasser Hermé, aka FeGH, the high priestess of the society Amicale du Gras (literally, Friends of Fat). A cook/writer and “thinker of food,” she is a tenacious woman who is shaking up the world of gastronomy.Read more →



Le Norouz

Flavors, spices, and persian letters

Like the epistolary novel of Montesquieu, the cooking of Hélène Omidi, simple and familiar in its appearance, is a tangible way of understanding what is taking place in Iran, a country that finds itself forever at the center of geopolitical tensions. (Article in French)Read more →