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Opinion of the Monsanto Tribunal

‘Monsanto harms basic human rights’

Regarding the US firm’s behavior towards international law, the judges have issued their legal opinion. Their conclusion is without appeal: the actions of Monsanto have a negative effect in terms of both the right to healthy food and the respect for freedom of research and expression. (Article in French)Read more →

Life & farms : l'agricoolture by Bayer

Camille's Column

Life & Farms: ‘Agricoolture’ by Bayer

It’s called ‘Life & Farms’ (since English makes it all the more chic) and it will make you either laugh or cry, or maybe even despair; that all depends on you. This is because this new ‘magazine’, which screams of greenwashing and ‘reuse’ marketing, is edited by none other than the industrial food giant Bayer. (Article in French)Read more →



Agriculture Week 2017

For seeds and “heirloom” breeds

Yesterday was the start of an event organized by student associations at the Grandes Écoles in Paris, in partnership with the Confédération Paysanne and Les Amis de la Conf’. Alimentation Générale decided to give the students the lead. They spoke about protecting seeds and what are called ‘heirloom’ breeds. (Article in French)Read more →

Appel au droit à mieux manger

Socially Engaged Chefs

In Food We Trust

Bayer eating Monsanto is one thing, but for all of us who will be condemned to eating rubbish, well that’s another, hence this appeal which today, no less, has received more than 2,300 signatures. It surely lacks yours. (Article in French)Read more →


Camille's Column

4,000 Wine fans assemble for naturist gathering

At the beginning of the month, not far from Saumur, I plunged into the Dive Bouteille, a wine festival unlike any other. At this event, it is all about natural wines, which come from grapes cultivated without chemicals, vinified with native yeasts and in complete sincerity. (Article in French)Read more →