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Living soil: The bedrock of an optimistic agriculture

Our entire food system comes from the soil, and all of our efforts to improve it should be founded on the renaissance of this precious heritage. The quality of the soil, and that which occupies it, allows, and will allow, for the grand transition for both food and society that needs to happen. (Article in French)Read more →


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Even at Rungis, the food waste war is fought

It is 8am at Rungis. The grocers, butchers, cheesemongers and fishmongers of this huge Parisian market are packing up their stalls. It is therefore the moment when the sorting can start. ‘We do this for the poor, so that they can eat fresh produce’, explains Pascal Catiga, one of the 27 sorters from the ‘Gardens of Marianne’. (Article in French)Read more →


An eye on the world

Who the heck can really claim ajvar, the ‘caviar’ of the balkans, as its own?

Anyone who visits the Balkans will quickly learn that ajvar, a delicious condiment made from red peppers, is a serious bone of contention among the many communities who claim it as their own. ‘Among us women, we pass around our recipes. But each of us thinks that the recipe of the others is the best…,’ laughs 44-year-old Vesna Arifovic. (Article in French)Read more →