Touring the horizon of Foodtech’s start-ups

Following the summer demise of Take Eat Easy, the Foodtech market could seem to be loosing steam. And yet, Dupont Lewis, who works in branding and marketing for food professions, has created an infographic that presents the different start-ups of France’s Foodtech; and oh how many there are! (Article in French)Read more →



SISQA Toulouse

High-tech in the muck

Admittedly in a nascent manner, new technologies have landed at SISQA, for the pleasure of everyone, but mainly for the younger generations who see agriculture from another point of view through their smartphones. (Article in French)Read more →



"Terrenales 2015" (4/4)

Farmstar, a disruptive innovation in agriculture

Aeronautics’ major players are taking their turn to invest in agriculture. For example, Airbus who has proposed, in partnership with Arvalis Institut du Végétal, to create a pilot program for fertilizing grains using its Farmstar Expert satellite. (Article in French)Read more →



Agriculture 4.0 at Jeudigital

On April 28, 2015, the 6th annual “Jeudigital” was held at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry. The program included sensors, drones, and a crowd-funding platform for farmers and even applications for forestry management. (Article in French)Read more →