Dr. Barbara McClintock in laboratory


Are ‘new plant breeding techniques’ GMOs?

Varieties obtained through new techniques of mutagenesis, dubbed ‘new plant breeding techniques’ or NPBTs, are, ‘in principle’, exempt from EU’s legislation on GMOs, said the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice on Thursday. (Article in French)Read more →



In Angers, tomorrow’s seeds pass their entrance exam

‘We are here so that consumers can know what they are eating’. In Anjou, hundreds of seeds, candidates for potential germination, have undergone rigorous review for the last thirty years, from DNA testing to pericarp (outer layer) studies, in order to obtain the right to be sown across all of Europe. (Article in French)Read more →



Millet returns to French fields

Abandoned at the beginning of the last century, millet is once again being cultivated, notably in western France. Highly resistant to drought, it has enabled farmers to reclaim forgotten knowledge and respond to climate change. (Article in French)Read more →