General State of Food

Two (highly) irritated agricultural syndicates

The Coordination Rurale sounded off a new alarm regarding the General State of Food today, saying that it was ‘very worried’. At the same time, the FNSEA expressed its concern about remarks made by several members of the government. (Article in French)Read more →

Christiane Lambert


Back to school for Christiane Lambert

Christiane Lambert held a press conference this morning under the veil of the new political debate between the minister of Ecological Transition, who is passionate about agriculture, and the minister in charge of said agriculture. (Article in French)Read more →



Read in the Libération

Should the FNSEA be put on trial?

Just as Manuel Valls is calling on “everyone to assume responsibility,” geographer Gilles Fumey and philosopher Olivier Assouly have written an op-ed in the Libération suggesting that the FNSEA should be put on trial.Read more →