Bees, our friends

2016, Black year for honey

France’s honey production in 2016 saw ‘another catastrophic year’ due to the weather, falling to approximately 9,000 tons, well below the 10,000 tons in 2014, which was already considered the ‘worst year in French apiculture’, UNAF announced Thursday. (Article in French)Read more →


Bees, our friends

A “highway” in Oslo for saving the bees

A cemetery covered in flowers over here, some pots on a balcony over there: Oslo is getting ready to create the first “highway for bees” in the world in order to protect these pollinators who are both indispensable to mankind and yet in danger. “We are constantly remodeling our environment in terms of our needs, while forgetting… ” (Article in French)Read more →


Bees, our friends

Lune de Miel, a foundation for saving the bees

The Michaud company, like all French beekeepers, was confronted by the increasing scarcity of bees who have been particularly threatened by pesticides. In order to protect the bees and ensure the longevity of its activity, Michaud has launched the “Lune de Miel” foundation. (Article in French)Read more →