MSC's 20th Anniversary

What is sustainable fishing?

Or should we instead say sustainable fish? There is, in fact, no universal criteria that allows us to define in one shot how to protect all of the seas and oceans. But can one be found? (Article in French)Read more →

Stephane Pinto

Sustainable fishing

MSC's 20th Anniversary / Episode 4

Stéphane Pinto, profession: netter

Netter. A trade that has existed for over a thousand years. In the Pinto family, one is either a cook or a sea fishermen like Stéphane. It is a job where, for a third of the year, days start at 2 in the morning and in which passionately loving the sea is not an option. (Article in French)Read more →



More trees, better farming could slash carbon emissions

Planting more trees, farming more sustainably and conserving wetlands could significantly slash the amount of carbon emissions that humanity spews into the atmosphere through fossil fuel use, researchers said Monday. Better land use could reduce carbon dioxide 37 percent, enough to hold global warming below…
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Sustainable fishing

MSC's 20th Anniversary / Episode 3

Frédéric Briois, photographer of the sea

On Frédéric Briois’s website, you will find galleries of photos under such headings as ‘history of scales’, ‘history of iodine’ or ‘history of salting’. The majority are in black and white and show above all that being a seafaring fishermen is a trade unlike any other. (Article in French)Read more →

marine hunter 2

Sustainable fishing

MSC's 20th Anniversary / Episode 2

Marine Hunter, the ocean at her feet

Back loops, push loops, two-sided transitions, racing gybes, aerials, tabletop backsides and 360s into the waves — this is the world of windsurfer Marine Hunter who gladly adds herself to the list of those helping to protect the ocean in celebrating the MSC’s 20th anniversary. (Article in French)Read more →