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Conserving is creating conversation

At Festival #ENSEMBLE ! a lovely installation is being produced from jars filled with pasta that are progressively becoming conserves, which will then in turn become objects for bartering or donation. The entire process is being guided under the sage tutelage of Michel Troisgros. (Article in French)Read more →


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In Paris, organic waste gets a second life

As part of a major effort to recycle its waste, the City of Paris has launched the collection of organic waste in two arrondissements, which will be methanized and converted into green electricity and compost — enough to reduce the capital’s carbon footprint. (Article in French)Read more →

cuistots migrateurs

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Migratory (and united) cooks

They were chefs somewhere in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Syria, or India; they have their ingredients, their know-how, their recipes, and they work them, in the double sense of the word, to help you discover their delicious universes, and thus their cultures. (Article in French)Read more →


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Solidarity in the kitchen

This Sunday, in Paris, there is still time to participate in the ‘Family Lunch’ organized by Fulgurances. You will discover how cuisine generates dialogues and how chefs speak all languages. In addition, the price of your meal will go to refugees. (Article in French)Read more →