Toast ale : pour combattre le gaspillage alimentaire, ils transforment le pain en bière!

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Toast Ale: Fighting food waste by turning bread into beer!

Tons of bread end up in the garbage each year, simply because of not being eaten. So, what if the solution to this food waste problem turned out to be pretty refreshing? In the UK, the association Feedback produces a beer called Toast Ale from unsold bread and is exporting its concept across the globe… (Article in French)Read more →


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Even at Rungis, the food waste war is fought

It is 8am at Rungis. The grocers, butchers, cheesemongers and fishmongers of this huge Parisian market are packing up their stalls. It is therefore the moment when the sorting can start. ‘We do this for the poor, so that they can eat fresh produce’, explains Pascal Catiga, one of the 27 sorters from the ‘Gardens of Marianne’. (Article in French)Read more →


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Conserving is creating conversation

At Festival #ENSEMBLE ! a lovely installation is being produced from jars filled with pasta that are progressively becoming conserves, which will then in turn become objects for bartering or donation. The entire process is being guided under the sage tutelage of Michel Troisgros. (Article in French)Read more →