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Culinary trends for 2016-2017

The British website The Food People unveiled its forecasts for the ‘hottest’ food trends in 2016. Designed in the form of visual diagrams, you can find on it the ten major ways of thinking, the map of influential cuisines, the markers of flavor… (Article in French)Read more →


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Jackpot for La Tour d’Argent

Sales from the auction of some 3,000 items from the celebrated restaurant La Tour d’Argent, which included such items as silver goblets and a “duck press”, reached more than 720,000 euros, largely surpassing the Parisian restaurant’s expectations. (Article in French)Read more →


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Logic of Spring

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, two socially and environmentally engaged artists, paint a critical portrait of the impact of human activities on the land and its landscapes. Check it out at the Catherine Edelman Gallery – Chicago, March 11th to April 30th. (Article in French)Read more →

©Stefen Chow

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The Poverty Line

The Poverty Line, a project by Stephen Chow, explores a simple question: what does it mean to be poor in different countries? You can check it out during Nuits Photographiques 2015. (Article in French)Read more →


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The necklace of the queen

We all know the famous affair of the Queen’s necklace. All of these ingredients from history fed the imagination of Agnès Propeck who, in 2004, decided to replicate the mythic necklace with the help of pasta. (Article in French)Read more →