Reasoning with tripe

Penser-Manger… At first look, an antinomy. On the one side, the act of eating, driven from the belly’s desire, whether it be from hunger, greed, or even disgust. On the other, the act of thinking which calls on the mind, even at the risk of sometimes being a bother. (Article in French)Read more →

photo : Kjell Ove Storvik & Norwegian seafood council


Tracing the path of a model fish

In a world where it seems increasingly difficult to ensure reliable traceability of products, where quality control is difficult and overproduction threatens species, the Skrei is a fish that is (un)spawning these chronic issues. (Article in French)Read more →



read on Voyage dans l'imaginaire des Céréales

The grain map

Have you heard of the Charentaise galette? “This galette, which is quick to make, can be prepared in a cinch if an inspiring visitor appears. It is served hot with a cup of coffee, a glass of white wine or a glass of Pineau.” At least this is what we learned… (Article in French)Read more →



The Thon Rouge

Anne Desrivières is a graphic designer and illustrator. She is also the author of the blog “Le mâche-dru,” a collection of illustrated recipes. Now, she is presenting Le Thon Rouge (Bluefin Tuna), a story that comes from a collaboration with Ifremer. (Article in French)Read more →



The art of powdering oneself with flour

You can “flour” your face for the stage, but this precious white powder can all be used as make-up for the carnival. In some parts of the world, tradition dictates that the bride-to-be cover her face with bread or rice flour. Thus the powdering of one’s face with flour is in itself an art that can be found almost everywhere at varying time periods. (Article in French)Read more →