petit paysan


Small farmer, big fears

Hubert Charuel, the son of a farmer, was there when the farm faced the terror of the mad-cow epidemic and has returned to the scene of the crime to shoot Petit Paysan, a film in which he puts his guts on the table, at the risk of letting his guard down for cinematic art. (Article in French)Read more →

Grave, le film cannibale de Julia Ducournau


Film Grave: “Eat, this is my body”

Justine enters into a veterinary school. As a candid young girl, she will surely be hazed. As a vegetarian, she will soon discover savagery. This is the story of a metamorphosis, cruel and gory… but ‘Grave’ could also be the forecasting of a bestiality to come. (Article in French)Read more →



Let’s eat! When film sets the table

With its symbolic, social, economic, and political dimensions, the act of eating inspires film in ways that run the gamut. From March 2nd to April 14th, the Forum des Images presents “Manger” with 75 films to open your eyes, spirit, and… appetite! (Article in French)Read more →

reagards-sur-nos assiettes


A new look at what we eat

Even if heading to the movie theater isn’t in your plans for the next few days, we cannot recommend enough “Regards sur nos assiettes,” a documentary directed by Pierre Beccu and six geography students. (Article in French)Read more →



Festival "Filming the work" in Poitiers

“Garçon boucher,” a bloody documentary

You still have a few days left to discover “Filmer le Travail.” This unique festival in Poitiers celebrates its sixth annual event with numerous stellar productions. In particular, you should check out “Garçon Boucher.” (Article in French)Read more →

fromage VI


Faire la montagne

What do we really know about the men and women who continue the tradition of animal husbandry? Faire La Montagne, an ambitious multimedia project comprised of a film and web documentary, puts the spotlight on pastoralism in the Pyrenees. (Article in French)Read more →