Encore carnivores demain? Jocelyne Porcher et Olivier Néron de Surgy

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Still carnivores tomorrow?

Recurring food scandals, intensive methods with little respect for livestock, animal suffering in slaughterhouses… The consumption of meat has never been so deplored. So what is the future for meat eaters? Will there still be carnivores tomorrow? This is the question posed by Olivier Néron de Surgy and Jocelyne Porchet in their new book ‘Encore Carnivores Demain?’ (Article in French)Read more →


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Farmers: Portraits of the young guard

“Fourche et Fourchette”, the book by Camille Labro, received the Savoureuses prize today at the Salon du Livre de Périgueux. It brings together the stories (and recipes) of 26 farmers of today who embody an enthusiastic agriculture. (Article in French)Read more →


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Maylis de Kerangal enters the kitchen

You could say that entering the kitchen is like entering religion. The kitchen is like a covent, a garrison, a prison. Between documentary and fiction, it is with her highly sensitive style that Maylis de Kerangal approaches the trade of cooking. (Article in French)Read more →

La carte mentale. © SB (1)

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Finally knowing what we’re drinking

In the beginning, it was a performance. A seven-hour saga during which the actor, author, storyteller and drinker Sébastien Barrier shared with us the discovery that changed his life: natural wine and the winemakers that make it. And now it’s a book. (Article in French)Read more →