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Stories of imaginary feasts emerge from concentration camps

The exhibition ‘Evasion, Art Without Freedom’, which opens April 7th in Sète, presents an amazing collection of notebooks that were written by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps or Soviet and Chinese labour camps. In detailing imaginary feasts, they show how nourishment is more than just a matter of food. (Article in French)Read more →


Guelia's stories

Shellfish and crustaceans

Venus comb murex, pelican’s foot and China limpet, cowries, argonauts and abalone: Their names are as irresistibly appealing as their flesh. Discover the world of these shellfish and crustaceans as they are poetically portrayed by Guélia’s mighty pen. (Article in French)Read more →



Camille, wild and natural

It was last night at Foodentropie, the sustainable food laboratory in Château de Nanterre. Camille had said ‘Ouïi’ to the Ruche qui dit Oui ! to play an intimate concert of songs from her latest album, followed by a local farm-to-table meal. As chance would have it, we were invited to sit at her table to talk about her commitment to… (Article in French)Read more →

Les Rencontres Rabelais élargissent les débats


The debate grows at Rencontres Rabelais

Based on the discussions that took place at Rencontres Rabelais (November 17-18, 2017 in Tours), it is not so sure that Gargantua would be able to find someone to share a meal with him today. (Article in French)Read more →


Guelia's stories

Quince, it’s magic!

It has been a long time since Guélia has regaled us with one of her endlessly delicious stories. After the peach of Montreuil and the watermelon, she left in search of the best quince, whose scent now wafts through each paragraph. (Article in French)Read more →