Gourmandise par l'aquarelliste Sandro

A column by Joe Gillis

Representing delicious gluttony today…

When searching for ‘gluttonous paintings’, a digital surfer can tumble upon several works by artists who are little known, misunderstood, or even completely unheard of. Here is a brief tour of these representations of gluttony, even if it is a cardinal sin…. (Article in French) Read more →



Omnivore, Season 12

The twelfth edition of the Omnivore festival, celebrating “young cuisine”, returns March 5th-7th and the the first conclusion is that there are some young people who have taken on twelve years of maturity in the process. (Article in French)Read more →


Decorative Arts

Culinary trends for 2016-2017

The British website The Food People unveiled its forecasts for the ‘hottest’ food trends in 2016. Designed in the form of visual diagrams, you can find on it the ten major ways of thinking, the map of influential cuisines, the markers of flavor… (Article in French)Read more →

Thema ARTE - Faut-il encore manger du lait?


Thema on ARTE

Our enemies, the beasts

Here is an evening of Arte’s Thema that may make you want to pull your hair out. It starts off with an investigation into milk, followed by a look at the vegan lifestyle and how cows alone could truly appreciate the global nature of it all. It should be watched nevertheless, you will learn a lot. (Article in French)Read more →


to read (or not)

Farmers: Portraits of the young guard

“Fourche et Fourchette”, the book by Camille Labro, received the Savoureuses prize today at the Salon du Livre de Périgueux. It brings together the stories (and recipes) of 26 farmers of today who embody an enthusiastic agriculture. (Article in French)Read more →



In Bordeaux, history sets the table

On the menu, rat salmis and turtle soup

The third edition of the Bordeaux S.O Good festival opens tomorrow with a rich program of all sorts of events, including banquets and debates, but also a unique exhibition where “rat salmis” and “turtle soup” have been invited onto the menu. (Article in French)Read more →

et l'homme créa la vache


The human cow

It is hard to believe the last scenes of “And Man Created the Cow”, an enlightening documentary that takes place in Balcarce, Argentina, where we discover Rosita, a cloned cow and carrier of two human female genes. (Article in French)Read more →




The chefs conquering the Americas

And yes, do you remember? It was in October 2014 when we spoke to you about the launch of ARTE’s Ten Chefs, Ten Stories. There was already Philippe Allante directing and Nathalie Cuman and Camille Labro writing. Season 3 is here and it is as good as ever. (Article in French)Read more →