A column by Joe Gillis

Is cuisine a culturally blank zone?

The Ministry of Culture published the results of an investigation by Jean-Michel Guy on the “Representations of Culture in the French Population”. When asked what the word “culture” automatically evokes, 99% of the French population had one answer to give! And where is cuisine in all of this? (Article in French)Read more →

Camembert François Hollande

A column by Joe Gillis

Camembert: The cheesy destiny of presidents

“How would you like to govern a country where 246 varieties of cheese exist?” This quote by Charles de Gaulle is still famous. But, among these cheeses, one is particularly associated with French heads of state: it’s Camembert! Joe Gillis shares with us this little story of cheese. (Article in French)Read more →

Grave, le film cannibale de Julia Ducournau


Film Grave: “Eat, this is my body”

Justine enters into a veterinary school. As a candid young girl, she will surely be hazed. As a vegetarian, she will soon discover savagery. This is the story of a metamorphosis, cruel and gory… but ‘Grave’ could also be the forecasting of a bestiality to come. (Article in French)Read more →

Encore carnivores demain? Jocelyne Porcher et Olivier Néron de Surgy

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Still carnivores tomorrow?

Recurring food scandals, intensive methods with little respect for livestock, animal suffering in slaughterhouses… The consumption of meat has never been so deplored. So what is the future for meat eaters? Will there still be carnivores tomorrow? This is the question posed by Olivier Néron de Surgy and Jocelyne Porchet in their new book ‘Encore Carnivores Demain?’ (Article in French)Read more →

Gourmandise par l'aquarelliste Sandro

A column by Joe Gillis

Representing delicious gluttony today…

When searching for ‘gluttonous paintings’, a digital surfer can tumble upon several works by artists who are little known, misunderstood, or even completely unheard of. Here is a brief tour of these representations of gluttony, even if it is a cardinal sin…. (Article in French) Read more →



Omnivore, Season 12

The twelfth edition of the Omnivore festival, celebrating “young cuisine”, returns March 5th-7th and the the first conclusion is that there are some young people who have taken on twelve years of maturity in the process. (Article in French)Read more →


Decorative Arts

Culinary trends for 2016-2017

The British website The Food People unveiled its forecasts for the ‘hottest’ food trends in 2016. Designed in the form of visual diagrams, you can find on it the ten major ways of thinking, the map of influential cuisines, the markers of flavor… (Article in French)Read more →