Marion and Nicolas: The taste for hydroponics

Marion and Nicolas felt a little confined in their life of commute-work-sleep in Buenos Aires, crammed into a two-bedroom apartment without a garden. So they decided to grow lettuce on their balcony, without soil. Thus was the start of their adventure in hydroponics.Read more →



Taglio, restaurant-gourmet shop

It was in Milan, during the Universal Exposition, where I discovered Taglio – part restaurant, part gourmet shop, part cafe, which in the end is whichever you like it to be. It is a warm space where the cooking is simple but delicious and where you can discover the products of local producers. (Article in French)Read more →

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Intoxicating fruits

It was 1834 in Villamblard in the heart of the Périgord, where the story of Maison Clovis Reymond began. One of the specialities of this “ancient” distillery is their fruit brandies. (Article in French)Read more →

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Cazenave N°19

“Bayonne, capital of chocolate for four centuries,” surely sets the scene. Though weary of legends aimed at tourists, we do know that in 1857 the city possessed 29 chocolate shops, including that of Maison Cazenave. (Article in French)Read more →

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Master of seduction

The Joseph Chocolatier in Périgueux, though it also offers exquisite traditional pastries, distinguishes itself by the quality of its own creations, whether that be the small sweets or chocolate molds. (Article in French)Read more →