alban chanteloup


When a sous-chef takes flight

Sous-chefs play a major role in a restaurant’s mechanics. How many chefs actually entrust their sous-chefs with customer orders? Who knows better how to manage the cook staff, the dynamics of the kitchen? On Monday, February 5th, Alban Chanteloup, sous-chef to Nicolas Darnauguilhem, will… (Article in French)Read more →



Bocuse, the chef who turned cooks into stars

Paul Bocuse leaves behind an immense legacy for the gastronomy of France and the world: He contributed to the star status of chefs and brought a modern touch to cooking, even though in the end he came to embody a certain French classicism. (Article in French)Read more →

terroirs d'avenir


The future of terroirs

Alex (Drouard) and Sam (Nahon) are the driving force behind a well-known start-up in Paris: Terroirs d’Avenir. Their success is not based on an algorithm or on one of those beautiful discoveries deemed ‘a concept’ in today’s vernacular. It is rather the fruit of a rigorous selection of the best expressions of terroir — be it meat, vegetables, know-how or seafood. (Article in French)Read more →



Stéphane Bonnat, the chocolate maker of the jungle

There are chocolate makers who stay at home, waiting for their ingredients to be delivered to their doorstep. And then there are those like Bernachon, Pralus and Stéphane Bonnat — adventurers who are first and foremost interested in the beans. (Article in French)Read more →

william Ledeuil


The oven and mill

It was Tuesday in Paris. Roland Feuillas, an artisan baker from Cucugnan in the Corbières, made the trip for a meeting with the great chef of his unique pastas: William Ledeuil. (Article in French)Read more →

Gault et Millau


Gault & Millau, 40 years ahead of their time

As we announce the death of food critic Christian Millau, co-founder of Gault & Millau, let us remember the Ten Commandments of the nouvelle cuisine that would become the charter in 1973 for these two celebrated names in gastronomy. Modern, right? (Article in French)Read more →



Franck Dépériers, the passion for bread

Franck Dépériers landed in Nantes twenty years ago, carrying with him, in his bag, his organic, naturally leavened and naturally fermented breads. His Petite Boulangerie has since become a not-to-be-missed stop for foodies. (Article in French)Read more →