Eugenia Loli, collages with a vintage dressing

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Eugenia Loli has skillfully mastered the art of collage. She brings back to life the vintage images from the 1950s that she cuts out, Photoshops, and rearranges with other images to give them completely different meanings – often playful, yet with a hint of sarcasm.

From brightly colored ice-cream cones taller than skyscrapers, a pin-up on a plate, to dancers in intergalactic tutus: the collages of Greek artist Eugenia Loli flirt with surrealism. From each piece emerges its own visual identity, the artist not limiting herself to a single style of collage. Dada, surrealists, pop art, the influences are wide. And if we were to speak of a guiding force, it would certainly be in the background, with its slightly dark humor.

Watermelon Watermarks Toothpick

Born in Athens, Eugenia grew up in the northwest of Greece, moving then to Brunswick, Germany, followed by Surrey in England, before settling in California with her French husband. The artist is therefore a citizen of the world and her protean work is nourished by the different cultures whose paths she has crossed.

Storm in a CupGoals

Faced with a difficult economic climate in Greece, she decided to set aside her aspiration of becoming an artist to enroll in technology studies. After a period as a computer programmer, she began to direct animated films. It was after a short animated video, that she began to play with images and collage in 2012.

Stars for BreakfastPrintable up to 8

Her favorite field of exploration is the visual universe of the 1950s, marked by the rise of advertising and the consumer society. She addresses it with humor, having fun shifting the perspectives, scales, and colors to fictionalize worlds. Though the selection here is mainly culinary, Eugenia’s work obviously doesn’t stop with this category. It could even be said that her field of exploration is without limits.

High Attitude

The majority of her works are registered under the Creative Commons license; therefore, anyone can download and print her collages… However, she also sells prints to those who want a high-quality version. A tip for fans, to learn more, you should take a look at her website or Tumblr account