Caroline Lopez & Studio Exquisite

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Cuisin’ Situ, a project by Caroline Lopez and Studio Exquisite, is something between a culinary voyage around the world (by bicycle, thank you very much!) and the experience of the esthetic and taste transmission with Paris.

Fish cooking at low temperature


Rice (in a bag) salad


Tropical panna cotta


Ice of the Himalayas


No-bake apple tart


Nettle soup

Caroline Lopez left last year on a voyage of performance: 400 days of wandering the world’s roads by bicycle, her home packed into her bike’s bag racks, her kitchen rationed as if a game of Russian dolls. She left to discover wild and domesticated foods, traditional and improvised techniques, to offer new forms to her vision of designing. Her goal: to feed herself while giving preference to all of the elements and foods included in her local environment yet while also having very little means. She had limited equipment but a space and freedom without comparison, which she shared on her blog Cuisin’situ.

On the other side of the world, Rachel and Marion, two residents of the culinary design studio Exquisite, worked under the constraints of their apartment kitchens, which were well-equipped but tiny. The ingredients at their disposal were also intimately tied to the seasons and geography, and served as an impetus of inventiveness, from one side of the world to the other.

By connecting these two instances of creation, this collaboration naturally comes to question the notions of comfort and opulence. Unexpected and full of humor, it is an adventure in resourcefulness and recipes from off the beaten track!

You can check out this collaboration May 12, to July 31, 2016 within the program of the SocialFood. exhibition in Montreuil.