Nantes Food Forum


The grand gathering for those thinking about the food of tomorrow!

Nantes Food Forum

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The first edition of the Nantes Food Forum with be held in Nantes on Pentecost weekend from June 2-5, 2017. This international and interdisciplinary forum with mix reflection with conviviality for all of those thinking about the food of the future. (Article in French)Read more →

Michel Serres explique l'exception agricole

Major Interview

The agricultural exception

Michel Serres, “Eating is a political and sacred act”

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Michel Serres participated, last Saturday, in the first edition of Sortons L’Agriculture du Salon. In the film produced for the event, the philosopher argues for an agricultural and ecological exception, as that which has already been done in the field of culture. Here are seven minutes to better understand the agricultural exception.Read more →

Appel au droit à mieux manger

Socially Engaged Chefs

In Food We Trust

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Bayer eating Monsanto is one thing, but for all of us who will be condemned to eating rubbish, well that’s another, hence this appeal which today, no less, has received more than 2,300 signatures. It surely lacks yours. (Article in French)Read more →



Visual recap of Sortons L’Agriculture du Salon

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The word of the day: THANKS! There were more than 3,000 of you who came to Carreau du Temple Saturday for ‘Sortons L’Agriculture du Salon’…”All of it surpassed our greatest expectations and it was proof that working together is not only possible and desired, but also necessary”… Here is a recap filled with images and tweets of the happy day. (Article in French)Read more →

Syndicats : Coordination rurale et Confédération Paysanne


Agricultural polyphony: The voices of unions two and three

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For 70 years, the FNSEA was the most important, and perhaps even the only, syndicate for French farmers. Since the beginning of the 1990s, two dissident organizations have been vying to bring another voice: they are the Confédération Paysanne and the Coordination Rurale, respectively the third and second representatives. (Article in French)Read more →