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The Nantes Food Forum: Rethinking our food systems

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Two years after the Milan Universal Expo, titled “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, it is clear that experts are all heading in the same direction: the world has yet to find the solutions needed to feed the 9 billion individuals expected by 2050. The Nantes Food Forum clearly presents its ambitions: to be the leading gathering for all those who are thinking about the food of tomorrow. (Article in French)Read more →

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The Potager de la Cantine: A voyage into the heart of salads

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Launched in May 2016, the Potager de la Cantine (lit. Canteen’s Vegetable Garden), on the Île de Nantes, is just now celebrating its first-year anniversary, but this young seedling is already a clear success. Adjoining the Cantine du Voyage, its 600 square meters of cultivated — and colorful — gardens have blanketed the dark asphalt of the former dock yard.Read more →