La tomate : pomme d'amour ou l'or de Naples

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The tomato: Apple of love or gold of Naples

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In an interview published during Easter time, the American artist Patty Smith declared that, according to her, the fruit that was forbidden to be eaten by Eve was a tomato – a fruit far more sensual than an apple. It is a theory that makes sense since we know that upon its arrival in France from the Americas, the tomato was called the Apple of Love, and the word tomato did not come to be until the 19th century. (Article in French)Read more →

Quand l'abattage vient à la ferme

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When the slaughter comes to the farm

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Opacity, lack of traceability, animal suffering…. Industrial slaughtering does not inspire the confidence of local farmers. Concerned about the welfare of their animals, some are slaughtering directly at their farms, even though it’s prohibited by the law. So what is there to do? Here are three minutes with Jocelyne Porcher, in which she explains to us the situation.Read more →

Les patates de Peter Pink


Peter Pink: Potato humor

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Potatoes at the beach, potatoes protesting in front of a McDonald’s, discussions by potatoes, an improbable meeting between potatoes and cucumbers, German artist Peter Pink goes straight to the point with his vegetable installations in public spaces.Read more →

Grave, le film cannibale de Julia Ducournau


Film Grave: “Eat, this is my body”

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Justine enters into a veterinary school. As a candid young girl, she will surely be hazed. As a vegetarian, she will soon discover savagery. This is the story of a metamorphosis, cruel and gory… but ‘Grave’ could also be the forecasting of a bestiality to come. (Article in French)Read more →

Encore carnivores demain? Jocelyne Porcher et Olivier Néron de Surgy

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Still carnivores tomorrow?

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Recurring food scandals, intensive methods with little respect for livestock, animal suffering in slaughterhouses… The consumption of meat has never been so deplored. So what is the future for meat eaters? Will there still be carnivores tomorrow? This is the question posed by Olivier Néron de Surgy and Jocelyne Porchet in their new book ‘Encore Carnivores Demain?’ (Article in French)Read more →