All of our activities are incorporated in a charter
and editorial line founded on seven principles.

As a response to the parcelling of information related to food, Alimentation Générale aims to sort, prioritize, and share both local and international perspectives on the subject; to share good practices and innovative initiatives; as well as to establish a set of local actions that respond to major food issues.

Our Charter

Community: Unite operators and work to connect initiatives that demonstrate inventiveness in real time.
Citizenship: Boost solidarity projects that generate increased civic responsibility while also echoing good international practices.
Proximity: Promote territorial dynamism, whether they be urban, rural or peri-urban.
Nature: Commit to implementing projects that are respectful of the environment and biodiversity.
Food Governance: Question and contribute to the emergence of new food governances.
Transparency: Decrypt, make accessible, and aggregate all of the information regarding food.
Pleasure: Promote all of the joys of taste.

The Community


Alongside our journalists, Alimentation Générale assembles a community of experts (researchers, sociologists, philosophers, engineers, chefs, etc.) as well as professionals from the world of food, including artists and enthusiasts. They participate in our debates, sometimes write for our online magazine, and contribute to the platform by supplying us with information.

International Collaborations

Issues concerning food are in essence international. Alimentation Générale develops collaborations with producers for international content. This is the case with Sustainable Food Trust (UK). Other notable collaborations currently in the works are with Spain and Italy.

Cultural Ambassadors

The simplified joint-stock company (SAS) of Alimentation Générale was created in May 2014. Among its shareholders and cultural ambassadors are organizations such as Scintillo and CultureNext.


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