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Henhouse: Finally a retirement home for chickens!

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Everyone eats eggs, but no one knows the tragic future reserved for laying hens once they reach 18 months. As they lay less and less eggs, farmers send them to the slaughterhouse. And yet, a chicken can live up to ten years. Therefore, it was important to invent a pre-retirement home for them, which is exactly what has been done with PouleHouse.

Fabien, Sébastien and Elodie have created PouleHouse, the first refuge of its kind for gallinaceous birds who have reached retirement age. There, they can live peacefully and continue to lay eggs, but at their own pace. These defenders of animal causes are today looking for a piece of land on which they can construct a chicken sanctuary. To support this original initiative, a crowdfunding project has been launched on KissKissBankBank.

Would you like to adopt a happy hen? Here are 3 minutes to convince you (Video in French):

Headline image: In Falmouth, the retired chickens even have the right to sweaters knitted by Nicola Congdon and her mother Anne!
Source: Bored Panda