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Beaucal, long live artisanal ketchup!

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Farah comes from the restaurant world, while Mélanie, she loves graphic arts, even if she has mainly worked in business management and administration. Together, these two young women from Toulouse have decided to set up Beaucal, an artisanal condiment business that is 100% local and 100% plant-based. They have a bit of everything, even ketchup!

Artisanal condiments are good for the environment, better for our health, and have more flavor…. Installed in the Lèze Valley between Haute-Garonne and Ariège, Beaucal is a newly minted condiment business. The goal for Farah and Mélanie is to offer savory, healthy, and natural condiments, without the use of dyes, preservatives, or thickening agents. Their entire line is made from their region’s best agricultural products: fruits and vegetables are bought from small local producers who work in respect to their lands and the seasons. “If you are a market gardner working in permaculture, organic farming, the transition to organic farming, hydroponics, or nothing in particular, don’t hesitate to contact us, the more of us there are, the more ketchups we make!” they state, with a touch of humor, on the crowdfunding page that they recently launched.

Conserverie Beaucal

Little by little, they are constructing a solid network of local market gardeners, working in small batches with each of them, and reducing the maximum in waste. Today, these two young women have decided to leave the collective laboratory that they shared and are building their own processing lab, which they are gladly willing to open up to nearby shops so that they may transform their unsold vegetables (into soup or other things), when the two women are not using it. It is a wonderful local adventure in which we can give a lending hand, and whose products we can buy online!

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