Refugee Food Festival

Mohammad El Khaldy, a Syrian culinary star with unfailing optimism

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We’ve already spoken to you a few times about the Refugee Food Festival: first, as a project with Parisian chefs and cooks in June 2016 and then for the occasion of the event hosted in Strasbourg in December 2016. Among the many refugees that the festival’s two founders, Louis Martin and Marine Mandrila, have spotlighted, chef Mohammad El Khaldy, a Syrian chef and culinary star in his home country, could be seen as a symbol of the incongruity that exists for civilians of this endless civil war.

When he fled Syria in 2012 with his wife and children, Mohammad El Khaldy had to leave his two restaurants and popular television show. He now lives in Paris where we met up with him at the Food Temple event. In this short video, he tells us, in English, about his crazy journey, accompanied by his unwavering smile of someone who systematically sees the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.